What Fans are Expecting From “Stranger Things” season 3? Release Date, Plot Confirmed.


    Stranger Things has managed to pull off a tough feat with a wild success of its first season and to live up to fan’s expectations in the second. Thus, it gives a reason to get excited as we are expecting a rocking season 3  from the cast.

    Stranger Things season 3 will debut its episodes on 4th of July, keeping our hopes sky high.

    The first season earned the title of Netflix’s best original series.  Eventually, when the streamer renewed for two more seasons,  the bar was significantly set high.

    What Fans are Expecting From "Stranger Things" season 3? Release Date, Plot Confirmed.
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    The official trailer for  Stranger Things season 3, released on March 20, offered fans a substantial preview of the show’s next story arc. The preview of season 3 became the most watched Netflix video on youtube with more than 22 million views.

    Anticipating the trailer, the show’s official Twitter account also released a seven-second teaser. The video shows a horde of rats briskly pacing through an abandoned building, and alongside appears an ominous message: “It’s almost feeding time.”

    Although the teaser doesn’t offer any footage of the new season, Netflix has kept the anticipation pretty high for season 3. The following are the titles for the next set of episodes:

    “Suzie, Do You Copy?, The Mall Rats, the Case of the Missing Life GuardThe Sauna TestThe SourceThe BirthdayThe Bite, and The Battle of Starcourt.”

    We have no news if it might have a season 4. Popularity alone can’t keep it going. They also require a specific narrative reason. Moreover,  they wish to make sure that the rest of the team are still excited about their task and storylines.


    We are eagerly waiting for season 3.