What heart-rending twist will “Jane the virgin” Season 5 will take?


    Jane, the Virgin, chooses Rafael over Michael, which really had left the fans bewildered with lots of questions regarding her decision of choosing Rafael instead of her husband. Season 5 is yet to witness many heart-rending twists and turns in Jane’s life who has an inevitable situation in front of her.

    Jane’s decision of marrying Michael in season 2 was a hard one who ultimately gave some stability to her life. This peace didn’t remain for long after Michael died by the gunshot. Michael’s death left many of the fans with sorrow. But as the show never stops giving its viewer a thunderbolt, Michael was found alive in Season 4.Ross gave him multiple shock therapy and shamed his death. Michael is found to lose his memory completely, and he didn’t remember who he was and what really happened to him. But meanwhile, Jane had already been fallen in love with Rafael and Michael’s coming back just jumbled up her life.

    Jane finally made her choice!

    But after a lot of muddling going within Jane and the Montana twist she finally decided to choose the love of her life, Rafael. Jane realized that time had made her fall for Rafael, and her feelings for Michael is not the same as before.

    The show maker Jennie Synder Urman stated the fact the love interest is something which changes with time and people. She also mentioned that the five years had made Jane fall in love with Rafael completely.

    At the same time, Rafael doubts her love for him and says that it would be difficult for him to trust her.

    Team Michael doesn’t seem happy!

    Although team Michael fans are not really happy with the choice of Jane because Michael proved himself as the true soul mate when Rafael didn’t show any support to Jane, Urman continued with the fact that no doubt Michael was a true soul mate but at that very moment. It’s Rafael now for whom Jane really feels now. It would be interesting to watch what other turns the makers of the show brings in!