What/If: Season 2, Everything we know so far


    What if is an American web series premiered on 24 May 2019 on Netflix. It comes from the mind of Revenge creator Mike Kelly.

    The series revolves around the crazy and twisted twists of Lisa and Anne’s personal and professional life which shows a possibility for season 2 as Netflix has not confirmed yet about the next season. Though the storyline was predictable but the melodramatic glory did engage the fans.

    What if season 2 is an American web series

    The 10 episodes series received mixed reviews from the audiences and has now become a topic of discussion. There are many scenes in the season which helps it to grow positively and amazingly.

    The Oscar-winning actress Renée Zellweger presents herself very well as Anne, who is a high profile powerful businesswoman. She has an essential character in the series which received justice.

    At the first start, it fails to impress the audience’s but the patience to this journey leads to more and more deeply intertangled twists and exciting turns, which is worth a watch.

    What if season 2 is an American web series

    Marcos (Juan Castano) and his boyfriend Leonel (John  Clarence Stewart) shares adorable chemistry which was appreciated and loved by the audiences and is looking forward for more of it. Though Lisa and Sean are genuinely in love, but Sean is a very flawed husband to Lisa and also ends up accepting an indecent proposal.

    Keith and Samantha showcase a very new and exciting relationship between them, which shows how people have a different way of acceptance and understanding.

    All in all, the series isn’t a waste of time and ends with fewer doubts but high hopes. This story needs a season two with more twists and turns.