What/IF Season 2: With A New Plot?New Cast Too? Know Who’s in, Who’s Out?


    What/If, the anthology series of Netflix has marked its debut on 24th May of this year and till now has received some mixed reviews. Among this dubious condition and no confirmation from the side of the streaming giant for What/IF season 2, we can’t be sure for the next franchise of the series.

    When Can We Receive The Affirmation?

    Though the timing around which Netflix announce the renewing of any series has not been elapsed yet. Usually, the servicer takes three to six weeks after the premiere of the previous season.

    Image From What/If Season 2, Credit: Netfix
    Image From What/If Season 2, Credit: Netflix

    What Are The Plans For What/IF season 2?

    However, the next season is not confirmed yet but show creator Mike Kelley is looking forward to the next leg. It seems like he is fully prepared as he expressed to TVLine that “My intention is for future seasons, assuming we get future seasons, to take place in a universe where the other story never existed.”

    What/IF is an anthology. So, there is enough scope for a new plot and new characters. The creator also intended to the same by saying that “So there would be no Anne Montgomery in the world of Season 2.”

    Image From What/If Season 2, Credit: Netfix
    Image From What/If Season 2, Credit: Netflix

    Star Cast for What/IF Season 2:

    If he said that there would be no Anne that doesn’t mean that Renée Zellweger who played the role will not be there in the next season. Because he has a different plan that is in contrast to the typical anthology series. To TVLine, he also stated that “Assuming everyone’s schedule lines up and they want to do it, I hope to pull an American Horror Story and bring back the same actors to play different parts in each season.”

    With Kelley’s statement we can assume that the What/IF season 2 will have the ensemble of Jane Levy (Lisa), Blake Jenner (Sean), Keith Powers (Todd), Samantha Marie Ware (Angela), Juan Castano (Marcos), John Clarence Stewart (Lionel), Daniella Pineda (Cassidy), Saamer Usmani (Avery), Derek Smith (Kevin) and Gabriel Mann (Gage).

    Meanwhile, we can miss Dave Annable (Chief of Surgery Dr. Ian Evans), Louis Herthum (Foster), Allie MacDonald (Maddie Carter), and Julian Sands (Liam Strom). But still, there are chances that they will be there to entertain you in the further season of What/IF.

    Image Credit: Netflix
    Image Credit: Netflix

    What Will Be The Plot?

    As already hinted, the season will not be the follow up of its predecessor. So, the plot can’t be speculated as of now. The story will be a whole new creation of Kelly.

    Release Date

    When season 2 will be premiered is a big question. But if we follow the season 1 release, then you can excess it on Netflix from March 2020, at the earliest. Notably, What/If season marked its debut after nine months of its announcement.