What If “Toy Story 4” Plans to Ruin Our Childhood? Why a New Character?


    The one movie which completes every childhood is you guessed it, Toy Story 4. Toy story is unremarkably the movie which is watched by every age group. It is just the type of film you never get tired of watching again and again. It is also one of the few who have not received less the 98% on Tomatometer.


    Toy Story 3 ended with Andy going out to college and leaving the toys in hand of a sweet little girl, Bonnie. The ended wonderfully and left a mark on everyone’ heart. In Toy Story 4, the toys are all going happily with Bonnie until a new member shows up. Woody introduces us to a new friend Bonnie made in school, yes a new Toy!


    The new member of the family is a Forky, sounds like a great friend already. Molly and her family decide to go on a road trip. During the road trip, Forky gets troubled about his purpose in life and decides to jump out of the window.

    Woody, while saving him falls out of the RV in the middle of the night. So what do our friends do, they decide to chase bonnie to the ends of the earth, well not literally.

    Woody explains what the director of Toy Story 4 says, “every toy has a life purpose, and that is to be friends with children.” Woody tells Forky about his life purpose and convinces Forky that he needs to stay with Bonnie. Toy Story 4 mainly focuses on its new characters  Forky, Ducky, Bunny, and Duke Caboom as the toys try to rescue Forky, which gets stuck in an antique store. Toy Story 4 will take us to a new adventure with our original beloved toys and with some new members of the family.

    The film is set to release on 21 June, and it is without any doubt that this movie will make a record of the highest grossing animated film in the world.