What!! John Cena Is Replacing The Rock in Fast and Furious 9, Here’s why


    What?! John Cena will be replacing The Rock in Fats and Furious 9? That’s great news.

    As per the announcement by Universal, John Cena is the new cast member of Fast and Furious 9. The release date is expected to be May 22, 2020. Johnson won’t be returning to the Fast series. There’s no need to worry as Vin Diesel has revealed Cena to be taking on a role.

    We are not sure about Cena’s role yet. Will he be a villain or a hero? No idea about that but hey, we get to see him on the big screen.

    Who else is New?

    Jordana Brewster is returning to the series. Her role is of Mia. Also, there are a baby names Isaac who will be playing the role of baby Brian. Mia’s return will be the second most awaited one. She is the sister of Dom and a lover of Brian. Brian’s role was played by Paul Walker but since his death, Brian is eliminated from the story. It will be interesting to see Mia playing her part without him.

    Release DateIs John Cena a replacement of The Rock in Fast and Furious 9, Here is the actual reason why he is leaving the franchise

    The date is set: May 22, 2020. Most of the filming is taking place in London. Justin Lin, the director of four Fast and Furious movies, is returning. He is directing the 9th part of the Fast franchise. Isn’t it good to see some old members of the team returning? We were hoping to see the movie in 2019, but unfortunately, the filming got delayed. Anyway, we still get to see it in 2020.