What just survived? Is that The Rain season 02 ? Check out to know everything


    Rain season 02 was released on 17 May 2019 with 06 episodes on Netflix.
    The show revolves around the main characters Rusmus and Simone.

    Season one delivered a powerful and interesting storyline with 14 episodes which were loved and appreciated by audiences. We saw how the season 01 initially started slowly leading to exciting thrills and chills in the further episodes. Whereas to be precise enough about season 2 a weak storyline is served to their fans, which unfortunately suppose to have many potholes. Like season 1 the second season also presents the baby walk at the start, but it gets difficult to see how the story took off quickly and has already started flying.

    Though the narration is weak the story still holds the responsibility on their shoulders and makes it possible for their audience to sit on the edge of their seats and hit the play button after every episode.  The fewer cast creates a connection with their fans and gains fan following. Though there are twists which are exciting and not frustrating. Their tagline “Stay Dry Stay Alive” do not show us something unrelated to the line. Season 2 has some wonderful elements which will make you fall and feel for the character again. Sarah and Rusmus chemistry will force you to invest more time in their simple and dark plot. Jean’s character also has an important role in the season.

    All in all, the six episodes of Rain season 02  is an absolute a binge watch material which won’t disappoint you to that extent and you’ll feel the new kind of freshness in this genre.

    The Rain is the first Danish-language sci-fi drama series on Netflix. It is created by the Danish filmmakers Jannish Tai Mosholt, Christian Potalivo, and Esben Toft Jacobsen. The first season was premiered on 04 May 2018 on Netflix. And the second season is also available on Netflix.