What Rachel Boston thinks of her new movie ‘The Last Bridesmaid’


    Becca Foster, played by Boston, epitomizes the old saying “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” in her new movie The Last Bridesmaid. With a light-hearted and fun theme, Boston, an executive producer shared some of her memorable moments.

    Starring Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell, the movie is bound to be charming and romantic as all wedding movies do. Boston describes her character as an experienced maid of honor. In addition to an amusing plot, the movie is shot in exquisite Sooke, part of Vancouver Island.

    The main wedding was shot in Sooke Harbour House, a splendid location for real weddings.

    With an assemblage of beautiful locations and a woman bored of her bridesmaid’s role, The Last Bridesmaid holds a special place in Rachel’s heart.

    “I’m just so thankful to be part of uplifting entertainment right now,” Boston said to TV Insider. “I was at the grocery store yesterday, and the sweetest woman came up to me and just said how happy these films make her. This movie was definitely one of the most fun films I’ve ever worked on, so we hope that translates and brings a lot of joy this weekend.”

    The synopsis of the movie read as ‘Becca is always a bridesmaid, but at her cousin’s wedding, she bonds with Kyle, the videographer covering every stage of the planning. Perhaps she won’t be the last woman standing for long.’

    Paul Campbell is playing the videographer and that adds to the excitement. Though the plot seems predictable, it cannot beat the warmth and joy the movie creates.

    Becca and Kyle’s Story:

    Boston recently revealed some of the movie’s themes and tried to shed some light on Becca. Becca is energetic and wants to start something of her own is what we came to know.

    How Kyle and Becca complete each other is what we really want to see. With his own guarded opinion towards love, how he falls for her is the viewpoint. Though there are other characters for Becca she knows that Kyle is the one.