What Umbrella Academy Has Been Renewed: What Is The Plot, Who Is Back?


    Netflix has been making a lot of superheroes movies and has been riding on the fame of these shows. The Umbrella Academy season 1 was released earlier this year in Feb, and the shows were loved by the audience very much. Netflix renewed the show for season 2 after receiving a tremendous amount of love from the fans.


    Recently the cast shared a pic of them reading the script for the first time and created a hype for the season 2. The shooting has started in mid-June, so the earliest we could expect anything is spring 2020. The season 1 was announced in Jan 2018 and was released by Feb 2019. We could expect the same for season 2.

    The ending of season 1 was baffling. The kids went in the past using five’s power. They returned to their younger self accept five but with the knowledge of an adult. If the kids returned to their younger self, then that means Ben hasn’t died yet. This was confirmed when Ben shared a blur pic of script saying “I am back.”

    Traveling to the past has created a massive number of opportunity to direct the plot in any direction. The season 2 will likely focus on the kids trying to save their sister Vanya from yielding to the destructive nature of her powers and, in the process, save the world.

    The storyline of season 2 could only be guessed if we know where the team travels too. The team could have traveled to future or past, or before they met, it could be in any timeline. There is currently no news of a new member to the caste, but the original is undoubtedly trying to save their friend.

    Season 2 is guaranteed to be more remarkable than the previous season — no matter where the show goes from here on. Our heroes are sure to save the world.