What’s been cooking in the Season 3 of Stranger Things 3? All you Need to Know !


    The third season of Stranger Things, which is already getting streamed on Netflix, will be on a small scale. It will be full of twists and all shall be confined in eight episodes. There are many more mysteries to overtake the previous ones.

    What’s been cooking in Stranger Things 3?

    The third season of American fiction web horror series being titled Stranger Things 3 has already been streaming on Netflix since 4th July 2019. Though it has been only a few days of streaming of Stranger Things 3, it has been reported that the mysteries and theories the audience was chewing upon have still not unveiled themselves totally and that the audience is not offered the scope to interpret so much so far. It has also been heard that the third season will not be starting off from the point where the second season was halted on as the child actors are all grown up as it was reported to the Hollywood Reporters. the third season will be consisting of eight episodes in total which will totally be dependent on how the exciting the plot turns out to be. the third season of stranger things will not be relying on the expansion i.e. the scale will be smaller as the preceding seasons, however, were about expanding the mythology. the third season will be focusing more on the intimacy of the plot. Other things heard about it include that a lot of actions would befall the Star court Mall. This speculation has been premised on the teaser that was dropped by Netflix. The audience is also likely to witness the return of mind flayer. this section would be an extension of the second season as it was shown that mind flayer was still in the Upside Down and is lurking in the Hawkins school when the winter dance was being conducted.

    It is been hinted to the audience that the third season of Stranger Things 3 will contain brutality and mysteries will be on a different level. the entire season will be short and crisp and the storylines from the previous season would be featured. There are lot of expectation from this season as the audience awaits numerous twists than the previous seasons.