What new can we expect from Netflix’s What/ if season 2 by the end of summer?


    The end of summer will release season 2 of What/If. It will have no links or association with the previous season and will stand alone. The genre will be the same with a new set of characters and a storyline.

    What new could be expected from What/If Season 2?

    Initially, it was depicted that season 1 of the Netflix originals What/If will give way to season 2 of the same series. However, now it has been confirmed that the series is an oeuvre and that every story stands alone. The first season had marked the end of a storyline and the second season will be a new story. However, the genre of the series will be maintained. This means that the upcoming story will also be a psychosexual thriller but will not have any links with the preceding one. The audience can expect a new storyline in the new season.

    The date of its release

    It is not confirmed though but is speculated that the end of summer would stream the second season of What/if. Though, this information regarding its release is not to be counted upon as the previous season was released nine months later its date of the announcement.

    The genre and the previous storyline

    What if

    What/If takes us back to the era of psychological thrillers of the 90s. The previous season was an erotic thriller. It was about a biotech entrepreneur receiving funds from a capitalist. It was a bedroom drama, portraying the grim undersides of the urban lifestyle.

    The second season is expected to portray the same which a whole new set of characters and a storyline. Netflix has not made any assertion regarding its release, but it is very likely to be released by the end of summer.