When to expect Avatar 2, New Major Characters and More Update


    It has been a decade, and we have not seen the sequel to this vivid visual delight movie. The release date is confirmed by the director but will it release on that specific day; only time will tell.

    Avatar was released in 2009 and gave the experience to the audience which they have never experienced. The movie was widely liked across the globe. Due to its phenomenal success in the box office, it became the highest grossing movie of all time; collecting a large sum of $2.782 billion.

    After the release of the movie, fans were thrilled to know that the sequel will release in December 2014. Additionally, it was announced that the series would comprise of 3 movies. Later it the fourth film in the series was added, which affected the plan of the release of the movie. With this new update, the sequels were scheduled to release on 2016, 2017 and 2018.

    When to expect Avatar 2, New Major Characters and More Update

    It has been 10 years now, and we have not got any sequel. James Cameron justified the delay by saying the writing process is taking time. “It was a seven-year gap between The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the seven-year gap between Alien and Aliens,” he told CNN.

    The core cast of 2009 film will return for the upcoming movie. Additionally, new characters have been indulged in the movie. Kate Winslet will also be there in the movie, playing the role Ronal. She will be working with James Cameron after more than two decades. It is rumored that Vin Diesel will also appear in this ultimate saga.

    The release date of the movie is set to be on 17th December 2021, and the title is yet to be confirmed. It is also rumored that the movie will focus around oceans of the planet Pandora. With the track record of James Cameron, the sequel is set to set fire in the box office upon arrival.