When Two Legends meet- Spider Man and Fantastic Four Crossover. Is it True?


    Marvel comics never stops to marvel its fans with its always unique ideas. In May 2007 Marvel comics released a four-issue comic series of Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. Its fans across the world very well received it.

    The meeting of the two was quite fascinating. Spider-Man as Lee designed him was the “everyman,” a little bit different from a stereotypical superhero. The spider makes a good impression when he breaks into the headquarters of the Fantastic Four of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, The Thing.

    Latest News

    Rumors are all there about Marvel coming up with a crossover of Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. On Father’s Day, there was a tweet on Twitter that started all the buzz and assumption. The House of Ideas tweeted an image where there is an image of number four made out of Spider’s web. Quite a cool way of announcement.



    It is yet not sure about in what form the collaboration is going to be. However, speculations are going around that it might be a comic book or a plot line where both of them will be seen.

    Is History Repeating?

    All are aware of the meeting of the two most loved comic characters ever written.  In 1963, Amazing Spider-Man, Spider made an attempt to join the Fantastic Four. With all the speculations around, fans can wait for this incredible encounter of the two. Indeed, history repeats itself.

    Guess, Guess and Guess

    Now, with just one image on Twitter, it’s hard to tell what’s the story is going to be like or who is going to be featured in the crossover. Majority of people are definitely thinking about Peter making a comeback. It could also be Doctor Octopus. Who knows?

    It would be great if four characters from Spider-Man join in this crossover with The Fantastic Four. It will be a treat for the fans to have all these eight entertaining characters on one plate.

    All in all, something great is waiting for all of us from the Marvel house.