When will Netflix drop Narcos Mexico season 2? Release date, plot & Everything else.


    After delivering a successful season of Narcos Mexico series to the fans and on the fans demand Netflix is going to drop the parcel of season 2 drug really soon.

    Netflix’s original crime series which tells about the rising of the cocaine and crime in Colombia and tells how the whole trade is marshalled by the drug King Pablo Escobar. The show creators Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro has totally nailed the season. The season one is not the last the creators are going to deliver another nail-biting season of Narcos Mexico on Netflix.

    The fans were really excited to get to know when the season 2 is arriving and Netflix has cleared all the questions from fans minds by confirmation of the season 2 just after the few weeks when the season one was premiered. The first instalment of the series was dropped back in November 2018 and just after few weeks, the production of the season 2 started. so we can expect that season 2 is going to drop around the same date when the first season arrived.

    Who is going to be involved in this drug trade in season 2?

    A good news for all the fans out there is that both Diego Luna and Scoot McNairy is going to join the trade in season 2 as playing the role the same role as Mexican drug lord Félix Gallardo, the founder of the modern Mexican drug trade same as season one and another good news is that Eric Newman is also going to join the board as the executive producer.

    What is going to happen in season 2?

    The story is going to follow the script one and the story will start from the ending of season one. At the ending of season somehow Felix has managed to get his freedom by giving the agents the name of top-ranking corrupt officials and we can expect that the season two is going to be about capturing the drug king and a lot of drama, crime, thrill is going be a part of season 2 and it is going to deliver another blockbuster Netflix originals.

    another question that the fans have right now is that how many episodes are gonna be there in season 2 so the answer is that all the seasons of Narcos and the Narcos Mexico have 10 episodes and the production is going to follow the same pattern so we are going to enjoy 10 episodes in this season too.