Who is the new Character joining Good Girls Season 3. 2020 Release Date, Plot & more


    American Crime Comedy Drama, Good Girls is returning for the third season when NBC renewed the season on April 12, 2019. Good Girls is about three moms who are having hard times turns up being criminal; that’s irony.

    The show in its second run faced a reduction in the number of viewers, but also NBC is confident in putting the third season in the run. You can watch the first two seasons on Netflix.

    The story mainly focuses on three suburban mothers named Elizabeth “Beth” Boland (Christina Hendricks), Ruby Hill(Retta), and Annie Marks(Mae Whitman). Her husband has ditched beth, and Ruby is trying hard to treat the rare disease of her daughter and Annie, who is divorced and aims to uplift the life of her teenage child. The trio plans to take out a heist on near grocery store and yeah plans go awry, and the chaos begins.

    The second season left all the ladies with consequences due to their criminal activities. Ruby is left in confusion to choose between family and friends after the FBI threatened her. While Annie is having kind of heartbreak as her ex is planning for a new baby. Look like Beth has cooked something up about the bogus money scheme.

    It will be amazing to see how the girls prepare for yet another, yes, another robbery. Scenes will be worth watching when Rio and Turner work to expose Beth and Reno, mall-cop-turned-actual-cop finds out about the activities of his wife, Ruby.

    But this is not the only thing that we should be excited about the upcoming Season 3 of Good Girls. According to the show’s creator, Jenna Bans there is a new character who will be joining the trio in Good Girls. In an interview to TVGuive Jenna Bans told them that the trio”will definitely need and seek out the expertise of a graphic designer,” and “might also be a suburban mom with a questionable background and has no interest in being a ‘good’ girl.”

    The season 2 just finished airing so it would take at least summer of 2020 to get another season. And after the whole season concludes in NBC, it will be available at Netflix.