Who’s Emma Watson’s date? The internet wants to know


    Emma Watson pretty much aces the game of ruling Hollywood. She’s one of the brilliant actresses we ever came across.  Moreover, she empowers women intellectually and also is an outspoken feminist. This actress gives us goals in real sense. Hence,  it’s an easy guess why fans are so much indulged into her personal life.Who's Emma Watson's date? The internet wants to know

    Well, when asked, the actress certainly didn’t talk too deeply about her love life, but the rumors have churned out a possible bae, accordingly.

    Watson has been recently spotted with tech CEO Brendon Wallace in Mexico. The duo was reportedly kissing, although that’s all that’s been reported about rumored lovebirds.  Watson perfectly knows how to lay low as we didn’t hear any such reports about them after that.

    Since the Mexico sightings, the 28-year-old hasn’t posted anything yet on her social media, which features that she has a potential love interest.

    Although we can see a smiling shot of her and former Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton on her Instagram page, this gives the fans some ray of hope that probably these two are together. But Watson and Felton has always referred to each other “friends” and never really admired the rumors.

    Everyone deserves certain privacy, but Emma Watson is under no such obligations to hide her relationship with her beloved fans.