Why The Rockstar games are not going to drop GTA 6 before 2020


    There is bad news for all the Grand Theft Auto fan out there. The Rockstar games have delayed the release that of there another masterpiece GTA 6 they are not going to drop it before 2020.

    If Making super blockbuster games full of virtual graphics is an art then you can say that Rockstar games are the Picasso of this art. They had given a lot of games which are counted in some of the best games of the decades. Grand Theft Auto the whole series can tell you the growth they had done in their recent time and what they can do.

    Why The Rockstar games are not going to drop GTA 6 before 2020

    As we all know The Rockstar games are not afraid of making changes in their games they want to deliver the best to their consumers. And you can say that this is the main reason behind the delayed release date of GTA 6. Rockstar games had started the preliminary work on GTA 6 far back in 2016 The Rockstar games want to improve there standard they want to deliver another masterpiece to the consumers. And Rockstar games had some of the Important games in their games they had altered the cheats in there new creation.

    Another thing that had taken most of the time while creating this game is the making of the Map. As per the reports says the map in this game is going to be the largest map that any of the GTA series game ever had. The creative team had done a hell lot of work in the creation of this map. One of the change that the gamers are loving about this came is that now you can play as a female character in this game as we all know in the GTA series women out there in the game are not treated well.

    Why The Rockstar games are not going to drop GTA 6 before 2020

    So the team decided to go out of the box to create a female character as a lead in the game. In red dead online and the GTA online, you can play as a female character. But know in GTA 6 you can play as a female character as the lead other than the many of the male character.

    And after analysing all the changes and the new creation in the GTA 6 done by the Rockstar game we can say that they are going to deliver another one of the best games in the decade which going to make an impression over the hearts of the gamers for many decades.