Why was Timeless Season 3 cancelled after fans wanted the show alive?


    The sci-fi time travel drama series ‘Timeless’ was ending whether the fans wanted or not. The NBC had denied the show’s renewal in the middle of Season 2 and the makers were searching for a new streaming screen. Unfortunately, they didn’t find one and Timeless instead got a 2-hour finale for wrap-ups.

    First, when premiered in 2016, the show received really low ratings but had managed to garner views and a tiny fandom. And those fans absolutely loved the show. And it seems that it was just because of those fans that the show was even renewed for a second season.

    The show was revived twice by NBC after cancellation:

    After the poor ratings of the first season, NBC had decided to discontinue Timelessly. It came as a shock to all the show’s devoted fans. But just after its announcement of the cancellation, it soon declared the second season. Though the second season was shorter with just 10 episodes, it finally aired on TV.  Timeless season 2 premiered in March 2018, concluding in May 2018.

    But the trouble didn’t end for the producers. The second season too didn’t gain impressive reviews and ratings and it was ultimately decided that the show had to end. But the cliffhanger at the end of Season 2 made fans and show creators wish alike that NBC would allow for renewal.

    That didn’t happen for an obvious financial and rating reason and the show ended for final. Though NBC revived the show again by giving a choice of producing a 2-hour finale movie for storyline wrap up. And after the creators failed to find some new source, they took up on that offer.

    The two-hour movie premiered on December 2018 and marked the end of Timeless for its devoted fans indeed. The time travel drama as per the critics was an interesting part of maker’s move and could’ve garnered better ratings. But sadly, that didn’t happen so.