Why You Need To Own Private Jets ?


    Description: Why are these million dollar babies so sought after?

    The uber rich have so many things to flaunt and brag about: jewelry embedded watches, luxury, and sports cars, million dollar mansions. But nothing else compares with owning a private jet.

    Over the decade, owning a private jet has become a sort of ritual for the people who can afford it. At the time when the global aviation industry was going through a depressing economic change, private jet businesses boomed. The prospect of owning a personal aviation vehicle is so lucrative that no one, with the capability to afford it, turns the opportunity away.

    And thus many private jet companies are booming with high profile clients. Today, the business is seen as a high profile industry. And if you think why they are so sought after, we got the answer.

    1. Customized interior:

    Did you know that you that these babies can be customized just like that old Toyota in your dad’s garage? The only difference is this is going to cost about $65 million. Customization is one of the things that make private jets so lucrative. You can hand pick the seating and interior material. You can have it painted in any color of your choice. You can even have a bar and other facilities installed so that you can throw a party.

    1. The intimate experience:

    Unlike free air craft’s, you aren’t surrounded by that guy who continually tries to crack lame jokes all along the journey. Nor do you go in a fit of rage after you hear that two year old baby, crying for four straight hours.  Having a private jet allows you to fly without the hassle or any public interference. Think of it as a personal flying bedroom.

    1. Takes a lot less time to travel:

    Latest private jet models are made with cutting edge technology. Some fly near the speed of sound. But the one thing that makes private jets better than commercial airliners is that there is no need to wait at the end of a long line after the airport. The boarding process of a commercial aircraft consumes hours. If you have a private jet, you don’t have to go through all the hassle. Though you still need to go through security checks and everything, this line is a lot smaller. Private jets also can land at many more places than a commercial plane.

    1. They make a statement:

    If you have a private plane, you are rich. Plain and simple.


    So go out. Work your ass off. And modify that Toyota, cause it’s going to take while to buy that plan.