Will 2019 bring Battlefield 6 or will it bring Battlefront 3?


    After enjoying Battlefield 5 fans can’t wait to experience Battlefield 6. As the news says, there will be new maps, new weapons for the gamers. Continuing the cycle, EA games release a game every year. But this year there is a confusion that will they release battlefield 6 or will they drop star wars battlefield 3? But you need not worry because of both these games are going to be full action and adventure and these are going to be a level up than there last part

    First, let’s take a look at the EA’s schedule for releasing battlefields and star war battlefront schedule. EA games released the first part of star wars battlefront in 2015 and next year they released battlefront 1; they released the star wars battlefront 2 in 2017 and while continuing the cycle they released battlefield 5 in 2018.

    So if we expect that EA is going to follow the same schedule, then they are going to bring the star wars battlefront three this year. But the steaming rumors about the game release suggest that the EA games are going to shake up their schedule.

    If EA games follow their cycle than star wars battlefront three is next on the list to be released in 2019 but there is a problem which standing high. After a frosty welcome to star war battlefront 2 in 2017, EA is working hard on their formula to make this part a remarkable sequel.

    To take on the likes of the call of duty title, it is expected from the EA to release a battlefield or Battlefront. EA can’t take the risk of releasing both the single player and multiplayer game in the same month.Will 2019 bring Battlefield 6 or will it bring Battlefront 3?

    There are no high expectations for that the EA is going to drop the star wars battlefront 3 and there are no high expectations with Battlefield 6 to release this year either. As because of Battlefield 5 is still in development, as the developing is working hard to give their fans new maps and other content alongside the long-promised battle royal mode in the game 2019. Does EA have such a focus on the development on the battlefield 5 content that we have a doubt that Battlefield 6 will be revealed at the end of the year?