Will a Rick Grimes be a good one in “The Walking Dead” season 10?


    Walking dead is an American television series about a group of survivors who are led by police officer Rick Grimes.

    Walking dead has been the talk of the town since it has been released and has a huge fan following which is why the series has a promising bunch of 9 seasons. The storyline, narrative part, the editing skills, the acting abilities of all the actors stood out phenomenal in the past seasons.

    The Walking Dead Season 10

    Although from the last two seasons, the fans are expressing disappointment and are practically starving for the best to come their way. However, this American television series is standing solid despite the last two awful seasons. But there’s much more to be revealed and needs a brilliant end to season 10 as it’ll be aired soon.

    The sudden death of Carl is still a big disappointment to the fans, and they’re missing him. But to the new, the season 9 showcased a new friendship of Maggie and Daryl against Rick which is an exciting twist in the story and will have an essential role in the season 10.

    The Walking Dead Season 10

    The spoiler as rumored says Rick Grimes will be coming back in the upcoming season and this will leave the fans stunned. After season 9, a big question waits for the answer which had the voice behind the radio!? Was it, Maggie!? Or someone else?

    Negan is still the, but fans do wish for the new change, the new way. Season 10 needs to prove it’s potentiality in the same manner it did before.