Will Katherine Langford’s Hannah Baker get justice in 13 Reasons Why season 3


    13 Reasons Why is the most popular and yet controversial show that has already aired for two seasons. The show primarily features the high school boy Clay who finds the tapes left by his crush, Hannah explaining the reasons for committing suicide. This series had a direct effect on high school kids and teenagers of those age groups. The third season is onto the production and will arrive sometime in 2019. Now, the question is, will Hannah return or will she get justice?

    The first season primarily focused on telling the reasons why Hannah Baker attempted suicide. The boy who had a crush on her, Clay found the tapes that had 13 reasons why Hannah committed suicide. In season two Clay run out of tapes and this time he found Polaroid. The pictures assisted him and his friend to uncover sexual harassment done by Bryce and the baseball team in school.

    After Hannah’s parents lost the lawsuit over the school, Jessica came forward to accuse Bryce, but they were pushed forward to three months’ probation. Season 2 concluded in a cliff-hanger when Tyler aimed Monty to shoot, but Clay curbed him, and he grabs the gun. Suddenly police arrive and the season completes. Katherine Langford, in an Instagram post, admitted that she wouldn’t be returning for the third season. So, Hannah will not return for the third season. Also, imaginatively, Clay bid farewell to Hannah at Hannah’s funeral.

    Hannah Baker on Netflix

    The third season has lot more to tell and obviously has to provide justice to Hannah and the number of sexually assaulted girls in Liberty High. But justice seems to be deemed when the victims receive three months’ probation even if everyone knew Bryce was guilty. Showrunner Brian Yorkey explained Bryce escaping reflects “mirror dissatisfactions that many of us have with the way sexual assault is and isn’t addressed in our own justice system.”

    But looking at the controversy that the show has gathered, it is likely to end the show in a happy note. Clay may find another thing like tapes or pictures in three months that strongly justifies the Bryce involvement leading him to harsh punishment. Yet there are lots of story arcs to provide proper justification. But we hope the writers conclude an engaging story.