Will the journey of the “Survivor” continue? Designated Survivor Season 4


    The “Designated Survivor” is a TV series which depicts the journey of the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Thomas Kirkman who becomes the President of The United States of America. It occurs due to a blast which kills all the political leaders leaving no choice for him but to be the Commander of the country. It is a story of an inexperienced man trying to govern one of the greatest countries in the world.

    What does season 4 have in store for us?

    Season 3 of the Designated Survivor is back with a bang, having ten episodes which will leave you in awe! The trailer of this incredible show keeps you engaged and involved at all times. It will be featured on Netflix. It mainly focusses on the campaigning and the elections to be held for Presidential. Thomas Kirkman(Kiefer Sutherland) is seen in his gaming mode and portrays a confident and strong leader in the trailer. He is getting to know the best version of himself and is ready to prove that he has what it takes to be the leader of a great nation. But the question remains whether there will be a season 4 to this brilliant storyline?

    What can we expect from this season? What will season 4 picturise?

    This season we can all expect to see the different problems faced during the election campaigns, and their truth in the real world. We can also see how the lone wolf leads the pack and makes it to the top. It portrays different emotions- fear, defeat, empowerment, justice, and most importantly, power. There are new faces which are to be seen in this series,  like Anthony Edwards playing the role of Dr. Marle Green and Julie White is playing the role Kirkman’s Campaign Manager. But there are some unanswered questions which still need answering. Since season 3 was all about gaining the power and the pride will season 4 be the continuation or will there be a sense of drama to it? The two-time cancellation of this show before airing for season 3 has made it a little difficult for the show to keep continuing on the screen but, nevertheless, it will be up to the audience’s expectations.

    This series has also been made into a South Korean TV show starring Ji Jin-hee and will be aired by DKE&M. This award-winning show has lived up to the expectations of people, and this season is no different. It is a show which is giving us a reality check for lives and our world.