Winter Celebration in June – National Leon Day


    Have you missed Christmas celebrations? Do not worry. Mark your calendar on June 25. It is the National Leon Day for all those who have not been able to celebrate their Christmas. It marks the day six months away from Christmas.

    About the Name

    If Noel is spelled backward, it would be Leon. Isn’t that amazing? These fun facts about the day surely make the celebrations all the more exciting. It is a day for crafters where they start planning their homemade gifts and decorations.

    Get Ready Crafters

    This is the day, that all crafters wait for. It is a great opportunity for all crafters out there to showcase their crafting skills and abilities. They can pick up their pre-sale copy of the 2020 National Leon Day Calendar to have more ideas and inspirations about crafting. Crafters can also use handle #NationalLeonDay to share their ideas on social media.


    National Leon Day is not only important for Christmas fans, but also for all baseball fans. Leon Day was a great baseball player and no one can ever forget him. He had brilliant pitching and fielding abilities which helped him to secure a position in the Negro National Team Baltimore’s Black Sox as 17 years old. Leon then joined the Newark Eagles team formerly known as Brooklyn Eagles and soon became the All-Star starting pitcher.


    Leon was born on October 30, 1916. He was one of the top hurlers of the Negro League. he was a seven-time All-Star. Due to his excellent pitching abilities, any pitching day was called Leon’s day.

    Even his teammates could not stop praising this amazing player. Monte Irvin, one of the players of Newark Team said-” People don’t know what a great pitcher he was”. He even compared to him with another great player Bob Gibson and said Loen was certainly better than him.

    While preparing for Christmas already don’t forget to remember this legendary player on National Leon Day.