With Just 3 Episodes in Black Mirror S5; Is Season 6 Expected To Release This November?


    Black Mirror, famous amongst fans and people alike, recently released a short new season 5 consisting of just three episodes leaving its followers high and dry in its wake. Eagerly expecting for a new announcement of a new season, people may be in for a surprise.

    Initially premiering on TV in 2011, Netflix purchased the satirical sci-fi program in 2015 and commissioned its third and fourth series released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Each of the seasons consisted of six episodes which expectantly increased the thirst and greed of the fans when the new season 5 was released this June.

    Credit: Netflix / Black Mirror

    Charlie Brooker explains why just three episodes instead of 6

    The series creator Charlie Brooker told that the 2018 release interactive film ‘Bandersnatch’ was initially part of Season 5, but with Netflix’s assurance and support, due to the complexity and length of the ‘Bandersnatch’ section, it was struck off and announced as a standalone movie rather than over-complicate the ongoing series; A perfect decision.

    “Back in the day, we always used to do three. We looked at the other episodes we were working on in conjunction with ‘Bandersnatch’ and realized they complemented each other. Rather than make everyone wait for ages while we write some more, we thought: why don’t we put these out relatively close to ‘Bandersnatch’? I can understand some people saying, ‘Only three episodes? That’s not fair.’ But they’re getting more Black Mirror in a short space of time than they’ve had before, because ‘Bandersnatch’ is about five-and-a-half hours and this season is about three hours. It’s kind of like an extra dessert.”

    Season 6 this November?

    November is the month of Black Mirror new season premiere and not one has failed to ask the same question to the show’s creators and Netflix. Annabel Jones revealed that they’re always working on it yet till now, they haven’t received a green light from Netflix.

    Rumors of ‘USS Callister’ spinoff arose while interviewing Charlie Brooker and he was heard saying after raising his volume-

    “Both of those things are things we can’t say anything about. And the fact that my voice is getting higher doesn’t tell you anything. I was trying to see how high my voice could go there as a distraction from answering the question.”

    So, nothing set in stone yet, but we’re expecting good stuff soon.