World Music Day: Know Why and How the Day of Pleasure Received an Origination


    For some, music is a part of their everyday routine. It helps them to ease their way of living. But do you know there is a day that exclusively celebrates music? 21st June is the date that is well famous as Fete de la Musique or World Music Day. First celebrated in France, the day is now part of around 120 nations across the world.

    Why Was Only 21st June Selected for World Music Day?

    21st June was selected to mark the day of the symphony.  Mainly because of its importance as the start of the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the longest day of a year, and International Yoga Day also coincides with the day of music.

    A Image of Music Fest in France, Credit: Pinterest
    An Image of Music Fest in France, Credit: Pinterest

    The specialty of this melodious day:

    The public platforms see a gathering of well experienced, amateurs, masters and legends of music coming together and presenting their art to the world, on the Music Day. Many of no-cost events get organized at places like parks, gardens, streets, stadiums, stations, or any other public place. Because the idea is to celebrate music without any boundaries or discrimination.

    Where was the World Music Day Originated?

    We can trace the history of Music Day in France where it was first celebrated on 21st June 1982. Americans also have a part here. Back in 1976, American artiste, Joel Cohen proposed the day to celebrate music so that we can preserve its traditionality. But the proposal became a reality only when the then French Minister of Culture Jack Lang takes the fruitful decision. He appointed Maurice Fleuret as the director of music and dance in 1981.

    Jack Lang at left side in the celebration of first ever Music Day in 1982, Image Credit: DireStraits
    Jack Lang at the left side in the celebration of first ever Music Day in 1982, Image Credit: DireStraits

    An idea of organizing a day to set free all musicians – amateur and experienced so that they can represent the duo conceived themselves. Finally, citizens of France stepped out to take the initiative on first ever Fete de la Musique or Music Day in France. Later, the day became so unique that it was marked as a national holiday on the nation’s calendar.

    As the days passed, the world recognized the day and many nations around the world, including the cheerful day into their yearly schedule.

    As said by France’s Ministry of Culture, that now the World Music Day is an “event which mobilizes the musicians of the whole world for the pleasure of the audience of more than 120 countries, starting with the European countries,”