X file’s charmed veteran actor Billy Drago dies at 73.


    Billy Drago, An actor, charmed for his roles in the untouchables, pale rider and charmed died this Monday in Los Angeles. Circumstances surrounding his death haven’t been cleared yet. This veteran was 73 years old when we lost him.

    Drago was born in 1946. He was born in the house of an American actor and director William Eugene Burrows. To avoid confusion with other actors, he took his grandmother’s maiden name as his stage name. Before entering in the acting field, Drago has survived many other professions. He has served as a stuntman at boot hill and a radio host.

    Drago started his acting career with doing an extraordinary role in the films like no other love wind Walker and cutter’s way in the late 1970s. He has also done some television series, such as walker texas ranger and hill street blues.

    It took about ten years for Drago to get fame. He got a slew of recognition in the late 1980s, the role which gave me a name, reputation or you can say his most extraordinary role as henchmen Frank Nitti in the untouchable. In 1999 he did another remarkable part as the demon Barbas in the original charmed, and his character becomes so famous that he reprised his role in such an additional episode.

    Later in his life, Billy has also tried his hands in some horror space. He has done many horror movies such as the hills have eyes, children of the corn and the X-files. He has also appeared in the horror television series “imprint”, but due to some disturbing contents, it was pulled out from the television.

    Later in 1980 Drago married to a well-known English actress Silvana Gallardo there love stayed together for 32 years, and in 2012 he lost his better half He is survived by his son Darren E. Burrows, who appeared Northern Exposure and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.