“You don’t own me” a song that is still so impactful by Gore


    “Feminism” in today’s generation, we are all quite familiar with the word, maybe because of the awareness or the changing and accepting the world. It’s a strong word portraying the rights and equalities for women’s. People have been expressing their concern and support towards feminism for a long time sometimes through songs, articles, poems, etc. Similarly, the song called “You don’t own me” created the sensation in the 1960s.

    About the song in detail
    “You don’t own me” was released in the year 1963 by a 17-year-old artist called Lesley Gore, produced by Quincy Jones. It was a little different take for Lesley too as all other previous songs were about talking about boys who felt attracted to her, world revolving around boys, getting rejected by boys, etc. but this song the lyrics indicated, not to tell her what to do, she knows better, etc. Basically, the song portrayed strong strength and independence.

    In the time it became a feminist anthem, even used in today’s movement like “#metoo” To the surprise the writers of the song were two men namely David White who is no more and John Madara who is now 82 years. They said that they were fed up with the kind of songs produced in the 1960s and earlier wanted to bring something new and fresh.

    The remake and biography 
    In the year 2015, an artist named Grace sang the same song in hip hop influence along with rapper G-Easy. It was the same year when Lesley Gore died. Interestingly the remake was also produced by the same producer as former. The song was quite a hit. Grace told that it was a great song having great lyrics though the original is unbeatable.
    Trevor Tolliver who was the author of the biography “You don’t own me” about Lesley Gore expressed that the song has quite a strength and impact with powerful lyrics.
    No doubt the song is still so famous and popular.