Zack Snyder talks about his plans for Justice league. Let’s check out what exactly he has to say!!


    Zack was a  confirmed director of Justice league before but was forced to leave the film and then it was taken over by, Joss Whedon.

    Well, recently Zack spoke about his plans that he couldn’t complete it in Justice League. On his Vero account, on 16 June Snyder shared the glimpse of the younger villain of DC Darkseid. It looks really very appealing. Ray Potter who was planned by Zack as Darkseid shared this recently uploaded photo on Twitter, saying “nice spot for a picnic.”

    Zack Snyder

    The filmmaker is being seen, spilling his plans about the project where he wasn’t able to complete it. He said the original Justice League, I and Chris wrote, we actually didn’t even shoot! The studio did not approve our idea, our very hard and scary idea! The studio was like ‘That’s crazy.’

    There was a different cast and there was Darkseid in the Justice League. Ray was planned by Zack for this role and according to the former director, he planned to keep Darkseid as the center of the movie. But unfortunately, he couldn’t do that. Because the Darksteid was officially cut from Warner Bros and theatrical cut from Justice league. After this, the .mivue  did show the poor performance.

    He uploaded the photo on Father’s day, writing a caption Here comes the daddy, big daddy. It seems like the director is giving some teases to the filmmakers. He revealed the first look which looks very cool.

    Well, now the fans have known the fact that Ray Potter was chosen as Darkseid and the photos and the look that has been shared by Snyder excites the fans and now they want to see his version too.