13 Years-Old Dies After Attempting Suicide While Separated From Her Father!!!


    A 13-year-old girl committed suicide as she was not to digest his father’s separation. She wasn’t able to meet him and talk to him and finally decided to end her life.

    Immigration officials detained his father. And Heidi and Zoila were provided with the asylum.

    “She was crying, ‘Papi, you’ll never make it. They always catch you,'” he said, recalling a phone call with Heydi shortly before being detained. “I promised her, ‘Daughter, this is the last time I try, and God will grant me the opportunity.’ But I got caught again.” – Manuel Gámez ( Heidi’s father)

     “How is it possible that man who is running away from his country with his kid and his sister gets sort of caught up in this broken immigration system where his daughter is granted asylum, his sister is granted asylum, and he ends up getting deported?”  – Romero Asked CNN

    She was separated from her father when she was one year old. This Azam Khan affected her mental health, and she got depressed due to this separation.

    She always wanted her father to live with her, but the immigration offices didn’t let them do this; they provided father detention and daughter got Asylum. Therefore they got separated with this.

    The teenager didn’t digest this separation and always wanted her father to live with her. She always asked her father when will you come. His father tried to escape several times. But always got caught and trapped in by immigration officers.

    Law and order separated a father from his daughter. We should think about our laws and immigration rules.