2 Dead Bodies of Teacher Found in Swimming Pool Due to Accidental Drowning!!


    A lowa community has lost a pair of teachers and long-time friends on Monday, and they found dead in a residential swimming pool due to accidental drowning

    News by Davenport police through Facebook has disappointed everyone, which says –

    On Monday night, Mark Anderson of 60 years and Kenneth Anderson of 57 years were found dead in their residential pool after an accidental drowning.

    They both were teachers and long-time friends and belonged to lowa community, and the whole lowa community is mourning for the loss of 2 lives.

    They both were teachers, Kenneth Anderson taught Social Studies and also coached many sports for almost 30 years whereas Mark Anderson was teacher and coach for almost 20 years.


    On Wednesday, the Davenport police Maj. Jeff Bladel said :
    “They were all at a function, and (Kenneth Anderson and Mark Anderson) left to check on the house and went swimming, And the other (man) went home. Later, he went looking for them.”

    The police have identified their deaths as accidental drownings, and they are also further investigating it.
    But according to most of the local residents, there is something fishy and suspicious about their deaths.

    One of the local business owners, Cindy Denike, said :

    “Even if you slipped and fell and hit your head that would be one person, but is it likely two people would do that? I don’t know – it’s odd.”