23 injured after gas explosion in Plantation, Florida.


    After investigation authorities have now confirmed that a total of 23 people were injured in gas explosion at shopping in Plantation, Florida.

    Joel Gordon, the deputy chief of Plantation Fire Department, said that two people suffered series injury after the blast on Saturday that was reported just before 11:30 am at the market on university shopping center Plantation. Gordon said that “We have pretty much completed the search for victims. We believe we have located just about everyone.”

    Credits: ABCnews

    An adult was taken to the hospital as a trauma alert confirmed by the Broward Health Medical Center officials. Hospital also received a child, but he sustained less severe injuries after the treatment the spokeswoman of the hospital said that both the patients are out of danger, and they both are in fair condition.

    A hospital supervisor confirmed that 14 patients were taken to Westside Regional Medical Center and the good news is that 13 of them are treated and released just one of them is still in the hospital, and he is in fair condition.

    Credits: ABC News

    A camera dropped on the ground captured some heart-rending footage. Steven Montgomery, a witness, said that “One guy and his best buddy that is walking from the Tropical Smoothie back to the gym and they had big lacerations on their arms.”

    The shopping center was rescued quickly because of the quickness of the Fire departments from Plantation, Davie, Lauderhill, Coral Springs, as well as Broward Sheriff Fire. They responded fast when the crew discovered a ruptured gas line.

    Everyone has their own opinions on this accident a woman said that “It just looks like an apocalypse, It’s just crazy what natural gas can do, or just gas in general. I mean, it’s flattened a whole strip plaza.”

    A video recorded to show the destruction clearly shows the devastation caused because of the blast. It shows massive damage to the LA Fitness and nearby buildings at the shopping center. Several businesses are appearing to be destroyed, and some residents reported the feeling their homes shake from several miles away, and some nearby homes had some of their windows blown out.