23-year-old arrested for ‘I EAT A$$’ sticker on his truck in Florida


    Florida seems to have become the bastion for bizarre news over the past few years, and we now have yet another incident to add to that long, long list of anomalies.

    A 23-year-old named Dillon Shane Webb was arrested in the state recently after police officers pulled him over for having, what they deemed, a not-safe-for-work (NSFW) sticker on the back of his Chevrolet pick-up truck which said the phrase, ‘I Eat Ass.’

    The Lake City deputies who arrested Webb demanded that he remove the sticker, or, at the very least, alter it by removing the second ‘S’ and make the phrase read, ‘I Eat As’, which too he refused.

    When told to reconsider his choice, Webb had the following to say, ‘I’m not removing any letters on my sticker because that’s in violation of my First Amendment rights as a tax-paying citizen.’

    The deputy in question also made Webb take a moral stance and posited a situation where a hypothetical 10-year-old child would look at the sticker and ask his or her mother about what it meant.

    To this, Webb simply replied that it would be a normal parent’s job to confront such a situation and explain lingo to their child.

    Webb was taken into custody nonetheless and was released after local officials dropped their charges soon enough.

    Upon publication, Webb’s story became an internet sensation, with the young man becoming a meme of his own, with many commending him for standing his ground.

    Credit: Percolately

    Meanwhile, the incident also sparked social debate elsewhere online, with more than a few American netizens questioning the futile and stringent obscenity laws in place throughout much of their country despite their lack of applicability in such circumstances.