400k People Signed To A Facebook Event To Raid Area 51? Has The Government Approved?


    Two months from now we might be seeing hordes of people trying to storm into Area 51 in the deserted region of Nevada.

    An event to meet aliens

    A tongue in cheek Facebook event has attracted the attention of many these days. The name given to this event is “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us”. It invites people all around the world to raid the US Air Force base Area 51 in the predawn hours of September 20 to meet aliens by breaking into the base.

    The event says that if they coordinate their entry and “Naruto” run – a Japenese manga-inspired running style with arms outstretched backward and head forward- then they can move faster than the guards’ bullets. What a joke! It is aimed to uncover the hidden secrets behind Area 51 related to extraterrestrial beings aka aliens.

    If you thought that only a fool will believe in such an event then you are in for a big surprise. Till now, 389 K people have signed in for the event with 403 K interested. Seems like all the sci-fi movies have really made us curious about the other beings we share the galaxy with.

    What’s so special about Area 51?

    Area 51 is a top-secret military installation situated at about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas. It is infamous for being suspiciously secretive in its operations. No one knows the primary purpose of the base although some nuclear tests have been conducted there along with the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems.

    But the reason behind so many people willing to raid this extremely restricted area is its rumored links with aliens. According to a conspiracy theory, an aircraft which crash landed in Rosewell, New Mexico in the late 1940s was an alien aircraft which was transported to Area 51 to be dealt with. But the US military claimed that the mysterious flying object was a weather balloon.

    The theory became more popular when in the 1980s, a man claiming to have worked at Area 51 told the media that he had seen scientists in the base reverse engineer alien saucers. Although he was later on found to be a liar, his claims gave Area 51 an eerie reputation of being in touch with the aliens and the UFOs.

    Proceed with caution!!!

    There have been some instances in the past when people have tried to break into the base. It is heavily guarded with barbed wire fences, radars, and armed personnel. The result of the failed break-ins was a hefty fine with court notice and not to forget various guns aiming at you.

    The event is surely a joke. But even then, if you are deciding to take part in the raid then you might need a better plan (which will also be unsuccessful no matter how good) instead of just storming into Area 51 like a pack of sheep.