66 Years-Old, Simons Photographer Arrested For Child Pornography!


    Simons, the photographer, is behind bars. He has multiple charges on himself, including the charge of pornography. He was also spotted walking down the street, naked and has been arrested immediately. Cops are suspecting him of perpetrating the murder of JonBenet Ramsay which had taken place in 1996. He is also suspected of carrying out other crimes as well which the cops are trying to bring to the surface.

    Photographer Arrested

    A 66-years old photographer named Simons from Oregon has been arrested on charges of pornography. This photographer is mainly known for photographing the popular figure JonBenet Ramsay before her murder in the year 1996. This arrest is garnering importance because the photographer has been accused of downloading pictures from a hotel via wifi. The content of the pictures has been reported obscene. The 66 years old claims that he is innocent and every charge that has been indicted for are false or some kind of conspiracy.

    66 Years-Old, Simons Photographer Arrested For Child Pornography!

    After JonBenet Ramsay was killed, this particular photographer named Simons was also taken under custody for selling portfolio “glamour” of Ramsay’s pictures. According to reports, the cops have also spotted him walking down the street, naked, shouting “I did not kill JonBenet.”

    Cops are Still suspicious

    He has been arrested now for pornography. Its is learnt that the family of JonBenet has reported that she was exploited by the photographer. Cops are still probing into this matter he is suspected of other charges as well. It is hoped that the law would be taking austere action against this criminal. It is suspected that he might have perpetrated other crimes as well and he might have been an accomplice to the murder to this 6 years old JonBenet Ramsay. However, cops are trying their best to bring everything to the surface that is still hidden.