A 15 year old girl gets bullied by Super Smash community. Read in detail!!!


    The gaming world also has a hidden dark side. Generally, this cruel side is overlooked because of the kind of fame and popularity the platform offers. But very recently a teenager got trapped in this gaming world.

    Actually, Bocchi a 15-year-old girl defeated the Smash bros player Ally. Fans could not take this defeat and started trolling the little girl. Bocchi got bullied terribly to such an extent that she had to retire from the game.

    Bocchi was humiliated just because she defeated one of the top players. It is reported that in one such gaming tournament, she defeated Ally’s Snake with Isabelle, a mid-tier Smash Bros Ultimate character rarely used in competitive tournaments.

    After this Bocchi received a lot of attention of which majority was a negative one. To this, the young player decided to take a break from the gaming world in order to avoid negative backlash. Later that day she took to her twitter handle and announced her retirement. She seemed very upset and angry. Bocchi even wishes to delete this chapter from her life forever. She urged people not to treat her like this and requested to maintain peace.

    The teenager expressed her views on our male dominating society. I got this massive hatred just because I am a girl in this extremely male-dominated society. This is really weird, says Bocchi.

    Her twitter fans grew concerned about her and supported her wholeheartedly. This really touched Bocchi. She came back to her twitter thanking per followers for always being by her side.

    This very event is absolutely ridiculous… Fans should realize that it’s just a game and they should not show such kind of hatred towards others. Grow up, guys. Stop bullying this little girl. Watch the game where Bocchi defeated Ally-