A Baby Born With Three Heads; Relatives and Doctors Shocked that the girl is still alive


    We have imagined a human being having multiple heads in stories or movies, but in real life, it is quite impossible. But unexpectedly and surprisingly, a mother in India has given birth to a baby girl with three heads. Special right? This perplexing situation has left doctor baffled and family shocked.

    This comes straight from Etah district in Uttar Pradesh. The mother felt a severe pain before progressing to labour, and this thing is regarded as normal as most of the mother before giving birth feel the same. The delivery was standard, but what stupefied everyone is the little girl with three head.

    Two large protrusions emerged out from the back of the just born baby girl. In medical terms, such rare birth deformity is characterised by encephaloceles. This deformity is caused when the neural tube fails to close completely during fetal development. The doctors and health personnel even claimed that the mother didn’t face any complications while giving birth. She was later moved to District Health Center in Utah.

    The doctors are willing to undergo surgery as a baby has not been developed sufficiently. Rajesh Thakur, Chief Medical Superintendent, District Hospital, Etah said that they would primarily perform MRI and then start to do surgery to remove the “heads.”Some part of brain tissues and co-related structures are outside the skull, and the survival rate for such rare deformity is centralised to 55%.

    The father, afraid of meeting the expense for treatment tried to bury the child alive.