A Big Fat Fabulous Actor Whitney Thore Describes What It Likes To Be Her? The Truth.


    My Big Fat Fabulous show is an inspiring show which shows us to love ourselves and follow dreams. This show is about Whitney Thore who starts loving herself and her dancing body despite weighing more than 200 pounds.


    Whitney Way Thore tells people that your weight or how you look does not define your value. She has been losing a lot of weight, and people have been continuously congratulating her. There doesn’t care about her weight and doesn’t see the numbers she has lost. She says that although she has been losing weight, she doesn’t want people always to congratulate her.

    Whitney says that she wants people to focus on how she maintains a healthy body rather than looking at her shape. The show revolves around how to keep yourself healthy, so it is obvious that she wants people to focus on real things. Thore says that besides her weight, she has been dealing with a lot of things, so she always doesn’t want to hear about her weight. In a way, this is like her polite way of saying that she doesn’t always want to talk about weight.

    Thore also owns an app named ‘NoBS Active,’ and the caption in app also says that “exercise is not always about losing weight.” She also reminded people that your respect doesn’t increase even if your weight decreases. Whitney also reminds that happiness comes from changing the mindset and not the weight.

    She describes that first people used to criticize her for being her soo overweight. Even during exercise, people used to tell her that she is not doing right, but now things have changed. She also responded to fake comments saying that it is edited not scripted that means it happens. Whitney says that she has more to her than just her weight loss.