A group of Stars are demanding for A$AP Rocky’s release.


    With fans now, Stars have also joined the growing cry for rapper A$AP Rocky to be released from a Swedish prison. According to a report by CNN Swedish affiliate Expressen Rocky was recently detained in Stockholm after being accused of serious assault.

    With more than 330,000 signatures, a change.org.petition seeking his release is going to be submitted on this Wednesday morning.

    The change.org.petition reads that “On Sunday, June 30th, A$AP Rocky, his bodyguard and two performers from his show acted in self-defense after two men followed, harassed and physically assaulted them in Stockholm.” And it also reads that “Video footage shows the assailants following Rocky and his colleagues, even cutting off where they are trying to walk sometimes, while Rocky pleads to them that he does not want any issues.”

    • Using the hashtag “Justice for Rocky,” many well known and celebrities including musical artists Post Malone and Shawn Mendes and actress Jada Pinkett Smith has shown there support over social media.

    John Ehmann, the rapper’s manager, has posted on Instagram a request for joining and for signing the petition on Tuesday.

    In the caption of the post, he had written that “Friends — We are currently in Stockholm where Rocky is being detained for operating in self-defense following an altercation that occurred on 6/30 when Rocky, his bodyguard and two performers were harassed and physically assaulted by a group of men in the area,”

    A$AP Rocky himself posted a requested on Instagram he has published two videos that show him and his companions asking two men to stop following them. For these three minutes of the video, he has written a caption that “We don’t know these guys, and we didn’t want trouble. They followed us for four blocks.”