A joyride leads to bursting it into uncontrollable fire!! let’s check out what happened!?


    HOUSTON: A 16-year-old boy went for a joyride with his mother’s SUV ended up with massive fire and a big accident.

    The accident happened on Monday morning in the backyard at his neighbors.
    It was said by police that, when this incident happened, the neighbors not at place.

    The good part is nobody got injured, and things are under control now.

    The officials say that SUV was at a very high speed, 80 miles per hour and totally lost his control and could not follow the curve at S.Piney Point and that is exactly where he lost control and launched into a stranger’s yard. He uncomfortably crashed into a tree and a glass line which then lead to a bad fire. It was all over the backyard, and flames were shooting from the vehicle.

    The boy was immediately taken to the hospital, and no further reports regarding his health have been revealed. But he survived is a big fortune of this 16-year-old boy. It’s also been said that he will be charged with evading arrest.

    In 2015 one of the same kind of incident took place where the joyride left into the killing of three individuals and leaving two injured. It was one of the horrible accidents where everything leads to turning out crashed.

    The teenagers should be aware of ko their responsibility of driving attentively and making it sure not to harm anyone, not even themselves.

    This car did have his heavy flames around it but had the identification on it visible, keeping it a little easier for the officials.