A Major Loss for the Music Industry: “Joao Gilberto” Passes Away At 88!


    A singer, musician, songwriter and a guitarist of the pioneering stature, Joao Gilberto passes away at the age of 88. Gilberto is a well-known figure in the domain of music industry, mainly known for his influence on the jazz and samba genre. He had gained popularity in the year 1960 and had risen to be the iconic voice of the nation.

    A Major Loss for the Music Industry: "Joao Gilberto" Passes Away At 88!

    His son, Joao Marcelo has reported that he has been ailing for a long time. He had discovered his potential when he was 14 and was very much influenced by jazz. The way he strikes the notes of his guitar is iconic and has emerged to be the father of the bossa nova genre. Gilberto had no conventional mode of teaching. He was self-taught.

    The notes he created and the way he played it defined the bossa nova genre. It was he who had helped the launch of genre “Bim-Bom.” Joao, by the year 1961, has completed all the albums which had made the bossa nova genre known to the world.

    It was Joao Gilberto, the greatest genius of Brazilian music, who was the definitive influence on my music,” singer Gal Costa wrote on social media. “He will be missed, but his legacy is very important to Brazil and the world.”

    His Achievements

    A Major Loss for the Music Industry: "Joao Gilberto" Passes Away At 88!

    Joah Gilberto has not only occupied valuable space in the industry of music but is also a holder of two grammy awards and nominated for the U.S. Magazine.

    His loss is a monumental loss of the music industry. His death could be equated with the loss of Freddie Mercury.