A Man Was Raped Near McDonald’s In woods, Near A Area Full Of Small Business Set Ups!


    Coming across rape attempts is quite normal nowadays, and recently in Plymouth, a man was raped in woods in daylight. Plymouth is a port city situated on the south coast of Devon, England. The strange thing was that the area where the alleged crime happened is quite a busy one. The law officials are now investigating the matter and trying to reach out to the criminal.

    The Details

    The matter was of Friday afternoon and as Devon & Cornwall Police stated it was attempted near McDonald’s in woods. According to the officials, after the attack, the public helped out the man in his 20s. To be exact, the sex attack happened near Crownhill Fort in Plymouth. Notably, it is a place where a number of small business setups are situated. Law officials believe that the incident was of daytime that is from 3 PM to 6 PM.

    The man was raped in woods near a McDonald's and Crownhill Fort in Plymouth. Image Credit: Mirror
    Crownhill Fort in Plymouth. Image Credit: Mirror

    Wha The Law Officials Told

    ‘Mirror’ talked to the Detective Constable Paul Enticknap from the Sexual Offences and Domestic Abuse Team. He stated, “We are keen to speak to anyone who was in the area on the afternoon and early evening on Friday.”

    “The victim is a man in his 20s and [he] remained in the area following the attack,” he added while notifying the additional details.

    He reported that the investigation is on the run. The officials also want to have a talk with the public in the knowledge of the matter. Just to clear out the things in order to reach out to the criminal.

    He was quoted as “I would like to speak to a man described as white, in his 30s with short blond hair, wearing white shorts and a red and white polo shirt”. He explained that “We are trying to trace the members of the public who came to the aid of the victim near to Farm Foods as they could also hold information vital to our investigation. We also need to hear from anyone who was in the area who may have seen anything suspicious, or either of the men described as this could help police narrow down the timeframe of the attack.”