A New Bond Is In The House: Actor From MARVEL In A Different League


    The mantle of actors get taken over by new ones and this time a jaw-dropping moment is gonna arrive in Bond 25. Captain Marvel’s actor Lashana Lynch will be introduced as the new 007.

    NEW 007

    Lashana will become the new 007 after Daniel Craigs retire from MI6. As told by a source, Bond is still Bond but has been replaced by 007 by astonishing beautiful women. There is a scene where M says, come in 007; this could be all the fans need. Bond 25 will introduce the female 007.

    Lynch is a wonderful actress, and no one objectifies as her playing the role of female 007. Her character will bring out the retired Daniel Craigs character to a new mission. It is said that the bond will try to seduce the female bond; this should be interesting. The source says that “Lashana is brilliant and Phoebe’s script is as sharp and funny as you would expect”.


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    The chemistry between new 007 and retired Daniel Craig’s character would be worth watching. It would be fun to see how the script takes on both of these wonderful actors and explore their side of the story. It was told that it is forbidden to refer to her as “Bond Girl” or “Bond Women”. The bond will try to seduce the new 007 but will be baffled that none of his tricks works. This would be the first time bond’s seduction doesn’t work.

    The choice of putting Nomi in the 007 drivers’ seat does beg the question of the future to the Bond’s future. The source has told that this is the bond of new ers and will appeal to the younger generation who are true to the series. The film would include chase sequence and fights. The new 007 gets a thumbs up from everyone.