A New Face in “Stranger Things Season 3”: Everything About ‘Maya Hawke’, Who Owns the Stage!


    Maya Hawke is a new entry in the show which is a Netflix originals Stranger Things. She manages to steal the attention of the audience with her inexplicable acting skills and her beauty. Her co-workers crush on her. She belongs to the parents who were reputed for their roles in science fiction during the 80s. The third season of Stranger Things is a homage to the sci-fi of the 80s.

    Is Maya Hawke Steals the Show?

    Stranger things get interesting with every season. Every season, right from the start is packed with monsters, bizarre events, and experiences. It is also notable that every new season admits new faces. Stranger Things season 3 has Maya Hawke who seems to be making her debut in Hollywood through this show by playing Robin.

    It has been reported that her co-workers have been crushing on her, which gives birth to a show within the show. Extremely talented and beautiful a girl, Maya is grabbing all the attention of the audience with her acting skills.

    Robin seems to be adding some fresh dynamics to the show. She becomes the new member of the already established group. She is a worker in the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor.

    A New Face in "Stranger Things Season 3": Everything About 'Maya Hawke', Who Owns the Stage!

    Hawke happens to be the daughter of two famous stars of Hollywood, Ethan Hawke from the film Boyhood and Uma Thurman from the movie Pulp Fiction. These two were married from 1998 through 2005.

    Hawke belongs to the parents who are known for their roles in the science fictions like Gattaca, Dead Poets Society, and so on. Hence, it was not much of a surprise when Hawke was featured in the third season of Stranger Things. Stranger Things could be looked upon as an homage to the 80s sci-fi series and films.