A Singing Prodigy To Walk The Earth: John Lennon from Beatles.


    Worldwide famous John Lennon, a singer/songwriter and founder of The Beatles. Beatles, the band which affected the music genre like no other band. They actually gave start to some new genres and were the biggest of their time and still hold reputation.


    John was born on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool. Johns’ teacher thought he could go to an art school as he didn’t have good grades but had artistic talent. Lennon met Paul McCartney and invited him to his music group. Lennon and McCartney are still the greatest songwriter in the history, period.

    John and Paul had already met, later Paul introduced George Harrison to John. Later Stuart Sutcliffe also joined the Lennons’ Band. The Beatles were discovered by Brian Epstein in 1961 at Liverpool’s Cavern Club. As their manager, Brian introduced band with a new drummer Ringo Starr and George Martin as a producer.


    The band released their first single “Love Me Do” in 1962, and it secured 17th position on British charts. The Beatles were the first band to break big in America starting with their appearance on television’s The Ed’s Sullivan show. During 1965 when the band returned to Britain, Queen Elizabeth ll named the members, the members of the British Empire.

    The band starting lost its appeal when it was accused of snubbing the presidential family. John made a statement following this that the band was more famous than Jesus. The Beatles broke up in 1970 and Lennon released his debut solo album with his second wife, Yoko. Peace and Love was not always Johns’ idea, but it was this time. Yoko gave birth to their only son Sean, and a further year later, John left the music industry to focus on being a father.


    John returned to the industry with his album “Double Fantasy.” Just a few weeks after the album’s release, Mark David Chapman, a deranged fan, shot Lennon several times in front of his apartment complex in New York City. Lennon’s’ death left a significant impact on pop culture. His death is still mourned in the world by young fans.