A Woman, Delissa Crayton, in Seguin, Texas Lived With a Decomposing Body of Her Dead Mother for 3 Years


    A Texas woman was taken into custody on Thursday after she, along with her teenage daughter lived three years of their lives with a dead body of her mother. How gross!

    This was discovered in a child protective services investigation. The body had decomposed, and the skeletal remains were found in the bedroom of her home in Seguin, Texas.

    Delissa Crayton, 47, and her daughter, who was below fifteen lived in a two-bedroom house for three years. Crayton has been arrested, and she could face more charge.

    The body is of Jacqueline Louise Crayton, who was 71-years-old at the time when she died. The dead mother experienced a non-life-threatening fall back in 2016 in her bed. But also, she was not helped by her daughter, and she consequently lost breathe a few days later on the floor in the bedroom.

    One of the neighbors Joel Vasquez was absolutely shocked to hear that a dead body was decomposing in his neighborhood on Anderson and Hidalgo streets for such a long time and he had no idea. Another resident, Jessica Barron, stated that Delissa Crayton and her daughter were rarely seen on the hood and she even said she had possibly seen them ten times or less. The recklessness of Delissa might have caused a mental breakdown, and psychological impairment to the teenage girl and Delisa is charged for the same.

    Delissa Crayton is being held at the Guadalupe County Jail, and $200,000 bond is on her head. The teenage daughter is with her family members, and she will be aided by Guadalupe County Child Advocacy Center and Child Protective Services to escape from the awkward mental issues.