Actor Janice Dickinson’s defamation suit against Bill Cosby settled now.


    #Metoo movement empowers women to come out and accuse men of sexual harassment and abuse. In 2017, a wave started which eventually took a toll on several powerful men in media, politics, and business.

    Way before that, model Janice Dickinson alleged rape charges on fellow comedian Bill Cosby. In a reality television show, the actress accused Bill of misbehaving with Janice. Though her rape allegations date decades back, when it comes to women safety, no men can get away with it so easily.

    After a series of trials in court, Janice gave a statement that it was in 1982 when this awful incident took place. She testified that Cosby gave a blue colored pill over the dinner at Lake Tahoe. Afterward, the accused executed this shameful act.

    Sadly, prosecutors were unable to pursue criminal charges as the law prohibits criminal action on year-old charges. Not only Janice but the other two women complained against Bill accusing him of sexual abuse. Currently, Bill is behind bars serving his three to ten-year imprisonment in Pennsylvania.

    As far as Janice’s case is concerned, a settlement has been worked out by AIG, Bill’s insurance agency. The insurance company has settled more than seven cases against Bill in April this year. This would be the eight one going for settlement.

    After Janice’s allegations, Bill and team tried to defame her. They issued statements which read that Janice is dragging the comedian to court just for publicity amidst her bad career days. Basically aimed to destroy her reputation.

    That’s when Janice’s lawyer filed a defamatory case against Bill Cosby. This Thursday, both the party mutually agreed for settlement. As per sources, Janice has demanded a huge compensation amount for her defamation. After the settlement, Bill accused his Insurance company of not seeking his approval on this settlement matter. An insurance company has no commented on this yet.