Actress Amanda Seyfried trolled Arielle Charnas after her latest bikini post.


    Social media is the new battleground. People create controversies and have a word war on this platform. But it is extremely unfortunate when two every established woman take a toll on each other through their comments and posts.

    A few days back, influencer Arielle Charnas took to Instagram and posted her bikini picture. The influencer was very boastful of her weight loss and her perfect body in spite of having two kids. That’s when Actress Amanda Seyfried slammed Charnas for spreading a wrong in the society.

    Basically, Charnas has a huge following on Instagram, and people quite love her as a lifestyle influencer. But this post made Amanda very angry. Initially one of Amanda’s friend commented on Charnas pic slamming her. Later it got into an ugly spat between the two. That’s when Amanda came into picture. She confronted Charnas and blamed her for showing such a stereotypical mindset.

    Amanda has no issue with Charnas’ post. But the way Charnas has kept things hidden is problematic for Amanda. The actress wants Charnas to give correct information about her transformation. The influencer is blessed with a lot of wealth, she maintains her figure by following several diets, but many people get depressed looking at such a picture-perfect body. It is absolutely wrong to say that mothers need to bounce back to being slim after having kids. You can not pass on this message amongst your followers, says Amanda aiming at the influencer.

    After this ugly fight, Charnas blocked both the ladies. Then Amanda posted the screenshots of their chats on her insta handle. Though Amanda has a valid point but it is really disgusting to target someone on social media like the way she did.

    Later that night, Amanda posted a pic trying to say that influencers should empower others and that’s exactly what they are meant to do.