Adult Swim has dropped in first few pictures of Rick and Morty Season 4


    It seems as if time has stopped. It was two years ago we last had Rick and Morty on our small screens. Since then, the wait is not ending.

    Rick and Morty’s series is the most binged watched show. People from all walks of life enjoy this fantasy sci-fi comedy creation. But we have some good news in store for all the fans. Guessing what??

    Let’s reveal the suspense! Early this year we have informed the audience that makers will launch Rick and Morty season 4 in Adult Swim Festival. The show will air in November during the Adult Swim Festival thereafter it will be available on Netflix for other ten episodes.

    Though makers are keeping every bit of information related to it a big secret, we have successfully got first few glimpses of Season 4. Adult Swim has released first few pictures from this Season. The pictures prove that Season  4 will be high on drama and action.

    In the first picture, a beautiful alien world is spotted in the background. It photographs Rick amidst alien flowers. That’s going to be super interesting — a little confusing but an exciting one.

    The second picture shows a fighting scene between Rick and dangerous robot crocodiles. It seems as if a big action scene is on its way! While Morty is nowhere in any of the pictures. What does this indicate? Will he be absent from this season? What are makers up to? Is this a new twist in the plot?

    Lots of questions we have but hopefully it would be worth waiting till this November. Also, makers have announced that four new guest voices will be there in the show. So many surprises. We wish that they reveal some more details related to the show.

    Anyways in November, we can enjoy Rick and Morty Season 4.