Afghanistan was Once Again Rocked by a Bomb Blast on Early Monday Casualties Reported in Kabul.


    A blast has shaken Kabul once again in the region of Afghanistan, rattling windows and sending smoke surging from the capital’s downtown zone close to the US Embassy, as indicated by local media reports. Time was around 9:00 AM in Afghanistan when the attack took place.

    The blast happened in the early morning when people were going from their homes to offices, and the roads were fully occupied with them.

    There are some casualties which were reported by the Officials that were on site during the happening.

    It is Judged to be the hands of the Taliban and the Islamic State work.

    The assault comes as the Taliban and the United States hold talks in the Middle Eastern territory of Qatar, where these groups have a political office.

    It is a Developing Story, More to Be Added Soon.